Agencies for International Shipping & Forwarding

AGL is one of the few local organization with the resources, reach, expertise and infrastructure to support International Foreign Forwarding and Shipping Lines operation on a local and regional scale.

Our strong network and managed facilities in all major ports in Indonesia covers all local distribution requirements throughout major cities in Indonesia and we are backed by in-depth local expertise with excellent customer service to support meticulous requirements of ports and other local authorities for a fast and efficient operation turnaround.

Safety, security, quality and corporate compliance is our key goal in agencies business and we are committed to meeting the highest standards, honesty and transparency in everything we do.

We are also welcoming foreign investor to invest in AGL for further growth and we are very committed to any kinds of partnership and business venture to further enhance AGL to the industry.

You may contact us for more information and will share our detailed lucrative business plan that can benefits both parties in this industry.